Welcome to Augusta’s Best Farmers’ Market!

Fresh… Really, really fresh!

“Wouldn’t you rather your fruits and vegetables be pick fresh and ripe for you today or have them picked before they are ripe and ready, then spend days, even weeks finding their way to your table?”

Why Buy Local?

“When you buy local, your hard-earned dollars go straight from you to local farmers, bakers, and crafts people without chain stores, shipping companies, and big agribusinesses taking a chunk. You are supporting individual families, neighbors, and friends who care about their products and care about you.”

Naturally grown, organic, healthier,  safer

“Many of our vendors have made personal commitments to provide you with products that are free from unhealthy chemicals, additives, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.  Ask them what organic and naturally grown means to them!”

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B+T Baked Goods

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Join us for Kids Day at the Farmers’ Market

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Zucchini And Summer Squash Salad with the best the Market has to offer!

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