Vendor of The Week – 26/09/17: Popp Farm

Helen, with Popp Farm, answered a few questions on David’s behalf at market this last Tuesday. Enjoy!

What is your farm name and how did you get it?
Popp Farm. It’s a family name.

How long have you been farming?
All my life. 72 years. My father started the farm.

What made you decide to start?
I inherited it from my father.

What is the biggest challenge you face, currently?
Old age.

What is your favorite thing about the Mill Park market on Tuesdays?
Meeting all the different people.

Tell a funny story about your farm.
There is nothing funny about farming. It is back breaking work.

What is the favorite thing that you produce and why?
Strawberries. They are mother nature’s candy.

What is your favorite recipe when you only have 45 minutes to get dinner ready?
Tuna fish salad stuffed in a tomato. I call it a cold plate.

Favorite way to spend your free time?

Thank you Helen! And David! For sharing a little about yourselves with us.
Come shop at the Popp Farm booth every Tuesday at market. They have amazing seasonal veggies and berries!!!